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Aerofil Trading is an associate member of a group of companies having over 20 years’ experience in Air Filtration Industry and leading manufacturer of HVAC filters. Our group of companies has its manufacturing facilities located in Germany, Portugal, and India and spread throughout Turkey, Middle East (Qatar, Oman, Kuwait UAE, and Bahrain) produces a wide range of filter products for HVAC and Air intake application.

Our policy of “One Company – One quality” contributed developing a vast customer base across the globe. Our Customer network is now spread in all continents serving 45 countries and counting. Aerofil follow a centralized purchasing system which helps maintaining similar quality maintained on our filters regardless of location.

Aerofil Trading is an independent part of an international group of companies, focused on air filtration. At every stage of the manufacturing process quality checks are carried out using the most advanced testing and detection methods. Our products correspond to the Standards EN779, EN1822 and ASHRAE 52.2.

Our Global Presence

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Global Presence
Global Presence

Why Us

  • As experts for air filtration we count among the leading suppliers for filter media and supplier of HVAC filters.
  • All our products are made for best performance. They are adjusted to the daily demands of their machines and the protection of their employees. Longevity of their facilities and the health of their employees are important indicators of their company’s efficiency and effectiveness. We are aware of this and this reflects in our products.
  • To protect us from harmful pollutants in environment to our 90% indoor life, as well documented studies says indoor environment is 50 times polluted than outdoor.
  • For a good quality breath the exposure to both indoor pollution and outdoor pollution must be controlled.
  • Economically, Health wise & Environmentally Beneficial.
Save energy with the right Air Filters :
  • A filter does not consume any energy by itself, but plays an important role in how energy is consumed.
  • The energy consumed to “push” air through a filter over its life cycle, is about four to five times the initial cost of the filter.
    • Save cost by extending life span of filter:
      • When it comes to the high demand of cleanliness in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Electronic, Nuclear and Power Sector, Hepa filtration as a final filter is the only solution which is the most expensive filter in the system.
      • Increasing the lifespan of Hepa filters can be done by choosing the right pre filters