Aerofil Trading is an associate member of a group of companies having over 20 years' experience in Air Filtration Industry and leading manufacturer of HVAC filters. Our group of companies has its manufacturing facilities located in Germany, Portugal, and India and spread through Turkey, Middle East (Qatar, Oman, Kuwait UAE, and Bahrain) produces a wide range of filter products for HVAC and Air intake application.

Aerofil Trading and our group of companies engages in manufacturing and supply of Air filters used in Air conditioning, Paint Booth and Gas Turbine Industries to its region were we are. Our products are exported to Europe, Australia, North America and South America through the distributers located in various geographical territories within these continents. The Filters produced by us are being used in many Airports, Hospitals, and Industrial sectors across the globe.






Aerofil Trading is an independent part of an international group of companies, focused on air filtration. At every stage of the manufacturing process quality checks are carried out using the most advanced testing and detection methods.


The filters are produced under stringent quality control utilizing the state of the art test facilities complying with EN779, EN1822 and ASHRAE 52.2 standards. The filters are manufactured in a clean environment and undergo thorough quality checking at each stage of its production

Middle East market is encouraging use of ecological unit a lot in these days and many customers are facing issues with oil clogging their filters within no time. Maintenance of these filters are too difficult due to the limited access and kitchen shut down timings. We understood this problem and have introduced a successful range of “oil repellent” filters from pre filtration till HEPA range helping the customers fighting against fast clogging.

Aerofil Trading also have introduced a completely “inenarrable” plastic frame HEPA filters to the Middle East market. These are available in higher face velocities and with lower pressure drop thereby saving the pressure drop across filters. Filters are light weight as well. HEPA filters generally deal with biological hazards or radioactive elements and hence complete disposal of these filters are of high importance.

  • Offering you a complete choice of products which include

    Offering you a complete choice of products which include Activated Carbon Pleated Filter, Disposable Pleated Filter, Synthetic Pleated Filter and Mesh Laminated Pleat Packs.

  • As a prominent & leading manufacturer we offer

    As a prominent & leading manufacturer we offer Synthetic Pocket Filter, Fiberglass Pocket Filter, Polyester Pocket Filter and Compact Pocket Filters.

  • Manufacturer of a wide range of products

    Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Glass Fiber Media Roll, Non-Woven Pre Filter Media and Melt blown Synthetic Pocket Filter Media Rolls.

  • Our range of products include

    Our range of products include Mini Pleat HEPA Filter, Mini Pleat Box Filter, Mini Pleat Compact Filter, Mini Pleat Fiberglass Panel Filter, Mini Pleat Synthetic Panel Filter and Mini Pleated V Bank Filters. Offering you a complete choice of products which include Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter.p>

  • Our range of products include

    Our product range includes a wide range of High Temperature Oven Filters

  • Our range of products include

    Our product range includes a wide range of Deep Pleat Filters and Ultrasonic Welded Single Pocket Filter


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